2020 Relief Society Planner PRINTABLE

2020 Relief Society Planner PRINTABLE

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2019 Listing Details (expect something similar)

Running an efficient Relief Society, whether big or small, is a tough job and it takes a lot of planning and organization. I originally designed this planner when I served as Primary President, but with the help of several RS Pro's - I've adapted it to work for Relief Society and over the last couple of years has continued to be one of my best sellers and most requested printables! This listing is for the calendar year 2019.

INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING: This listing includes a 140 page PDF file + a PDF with Covers for each member of the Presidency (including a blank one), a sheet of printable sticker/divider tabs and matching pen inserts and bottle cap image for making planner accessories! A MORE detailed list of what is included is mentioned below:

✔ 8 Page Planning Section for Each Month (2019)
✔ DATED 1 Page Monthly Calendars + Page Dividers
✔ Lesson Planning Space for 2nd & 4th Sundays (NEW!)
✔ "Week-at-a-Glance" Planner
✔ 2 Page Monthly Planning Spread
✔ Monthly Tracker for Ministering Interviews (NEW!)
✔ Note space for Ward Council and Stake Trainings, etc.
✔ Extra Coordinating "Notes & Lists" Page
✔ 2 Page "RS Birthday Social" Planning Spread
✔ 2 Page "Super Saturday" Planning Spread
✔ 2 Page "Christmas Social" Planning Spread
✔ "Food Order" Section for Tracking Orders
✔ "Service Log" Section recording service given
✔ "Small" Activities Planner for activities throughout the year
✔ Budget Sheets for tracking expenses
✔ 2019 & 2020 "Year-at-a-Glance" Annual Calendars
✔ "Looking Ahead" Planners for 2019 & 2020
✔ Contacts Sheet
✔ Covers (front & back) for all members of a typical Presidency
✔ Coordinating "sticker" divider tabs
✔ BLANK RS Cover for other callings
✔ Coordinating PEN INSERTS for RSVP Pentel Pens!
✔ Bottle Cap Images (make 4" Paperclips or magnets)

★ NOTE: Stake Leaders intending to share with Ward Leaders must also purchase my "Group Use Certificate" HERE. Thanks!

ADDING TEXT PRIOR TO PRINTING: Adding text to your PDF before printing is easy! If you have the most current version of Adobe Reader, you can use the "comment" function to insert text boxes where desired. You can also open Word, select the PDF and Word will convert it for you and you can insert text boxes to add desired text. I also love PDF Editors (there are lots online for free)! Simply upload the file, use their tools to insert your text, then download and print! You can also open Word (first), open/select this file and Word will convert it for you - then use basic text boxes to add text.

USE DIGITALLY: With a good PDF App, this document can be used an saved on an iPad with a stylus. Consult your app store for options!

HOW TO PRINT & ASSEMBLE: Print your planner on regular white paper and choose "double sided printing". All inside pages are black and white only (which makes printing much less expense). For the covers, print front and back for each planner you make. The covers are designed for "borderless" printing, so if you are printing at home - select "photo printing" on your print properties and choose 8.5x11 borderless in your print properties if available (not all printers can print borderless). For most vivid color results, use any type of glossy paper. Laminate covers before binding to increase durability. Printing your covers can also be done at a copy shop. Then, either spiral bind or punch and store in a 3-ring binder.

★ NEW ★ --> HOW TO PRINT SMALLER: Tutorial

APPLYING THE STICKER TABS: This set of planner tabs is optional. For best results, print on full-size white sticker (or label) paper found at any copy/office store. Trim or punch with 1" circle then fold in half, peel the sticker back and apply tabs in a staggered fashion on the right side of the corresponding pages. Following the same application instructions... you may choose to simply print on white card stock, punch, crease/fold and adhere with a staple.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR PENS... (Designed for Pentel RSVP) - It's simple! Just trim the strips, curl/roll and insert into pen tube (see graphics for picture tutorial).

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BOTTLE CAPS... Print your 4x6 at a local photo lab just like you would any 4x6 photo. Punch image with 1" round punch and apply epoxy sticker. Next, use E6000 glue to adhere to bottle cap. Supply recommendations listed below.



TERMS: Print as much as you'd like for yourself & to make gifts!

  • Customer is purchasing printable/digital file
  • Customer to print/assemble
  • Personal Use Only (Gift Use & Fundraising OK)
  • Customer CANNOT distribute, forward or share digital file
  • Customer CANNOT sell items made from this printable

Commercial/Mass Printing Prohibited

A few printing tips...

✔ PDF's are 8.5x11 and can be printed at home or a copy shop
✔ I recommend using photo or glossy brochure paper for PDF's
✔ If printing at home, use your printer's BEST quality print setting
✔ JPEGS are formatted for printing at a photo lab

✱ DISCLAIMER: The Latter-day Saint themed products offered by MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS are neither made, provided, approved nor endorsed by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Any content or opinions expressed, implied or included in or with the goods offered by MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS are solely those of MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS and not those of Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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