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This salve is a MUST HAVE in our home... between me and my 2 daughters, we never leave home without it! For us, Tylenol and Iburpohen (or Midol - or any combination thereof) is just NOT enough. It wasn't until we discovered Raspberry Leaf that we were able to find any true amount of relief. Since then, this salve has single handedly reduced my personal usage of Tylenol during "that time of the month" to ZERO.

Red Raspberry Leaf is the main star of this salve... but when I started researching more and playing with the formula, I found that by combining Raspberry Leaf, Arnica, and Chamomile infused oil with Lavender and Clary Sage Essential Oils - I ended up creating a painfree HOMERUN! This unique combination of herbs and essential oils is an incredibly effective combo for relieving the most stubborn monthly period cramps - and this I speak from personal experience!

HOW TO USE IT: Simply rub on your lower abdomen and lower back to relieve stubborn cramping; repeat as needed. Works best at onset - so keep this salve nearby! If you are a clockwork kind of gal, start using it a few days in advance and you'll notice an even bigger difference in your pain level. If you still prefer popping a pill (but it's still not enough)... just add some salve to your routine to finish the job!

BONUS BENEFIT: By reducing pain, it's pretty likely you'll also feel your mood improve! At least I do!!


  • 4 oz round metal tin (3" wide by 1" tall): Net Wt 3.5 oz
  • 8 oz round plastic container (2.6" wide by 2.8" tall): Net Wt 7.5 oz
  • .5 oz round metal tin (1.5" wide x .75" tall): Net Wt .5 oz (same size as tins in First Aid Kit)


    • INGREDIENTS: Rapsberry Leaf, Arnica & Chamomile infused Sweet Almond Oil with Extracts, Beeswax, Clary Sage & Lavender Essential Oil
    • Allergy note... Sweet Almond Oil is derived from Almonds. 
    • It's has a green hugh... will it stain? I've used these salves repeatedly and have never had any clothing stain. However... I probably wouldn't use it while in my wedding dress, and definitely don't send it through the laundry! {wink, wink!} 


    My salves are released in small homemade batches after a special (and proprietary) infusion process that took me 6 years to develop! My goal is to move as much of the natural medicinal goodness as I can from the herbs into the oil... and the result is a whole line of salves that have been uniquely currated to be surprisingly effective! In our home, we grab a salve before we EVER pop a pill!

    ❤ ABOUT RASPBERRY LEAF: Red Raspberry Leaf is considered a uterine tonic! The leaves are particularly high in B6, magnesium, calcium, iron, and anti-oxidants making them a fighter of all things PMS that specifically target and calm the uterus. 

    ❤ ABOUT ARNICA: Thanks to its high concentration of sesquiterpenes, it's an effective analgesic and is anti-inflammatory. It's applied to the skin as a cream, ointment, salve, or tincture and is generally known to soothe muscle aches, relieve osteoarthritis, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, treat burns, and heal minor topical wounds. 

    ❤ ABOUT CHAMOMILE: Chamomile is calming and has anti-spasmodic properties, which can relieve the painful cramps associated with the menstrual periods. It also helps modulate the actions of dopamine and serotonin, helping to offset or at least reduce the impact of anxiety, moodiness and depressive symptoms.

    ❤  ABOUT LAVENDER: Besides its divine aroma, it's widely know for its anti-microbial properties and has been used for centuries to fight infection. It's full of anti-oxidants which contribute to it's ability to speed the healing of burns, cuts and wounds by accelerating skin re-generation. It's a natural pain reliever and reduces inflammation!

    ❤ ABOUT CLARY SAGE: Cooling and calming are the two most sought after benefits of Clary Sage Oil! Add soothing, balancing and relaxing to the list and you've got a perfect blend for a Menstral Salve. Clary Sage is a flowering herb that's native to the Mediterranean Basin and has been historically used to calm nerves and reduce anxiety as well.


    • CONSISTENCY: Depending on the temperatures where you live, your salve will arrive with a general consistency between a neosporin-type oinment and a slightly firm vaseline. Softness of the salve will vary based on your particular climate and seasonal temperature. Since the salve contains beeswax, avoid leaving in a hot car or in the sun to prevent melting. Your tin will be shrink wrapped to prevent any dripping if it does happen to soften during transit. If melting does occur, simply put it in the refrigerator to return it to its normal consistency.

    • SHELF LIFE: The shelf life of the oil is 1-2 years. So don't put this away in a 72 hour kit that won't get touched for a few years... keep it in your medicine cabinet and you'll find that you'll use it ALL the time! It'll be gone well before the oil in the salve would go bad.

    ✱ DISCLAIMER... These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For external use only. Product use suggestions are informational and is not medical advice. As with any skin care product - there is always potential for allergies. Review the ingredient list & test a small amount on your skin prior to normal use.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Abbey Chase
    Made my teenager happy

    I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't need to use this product myself, but it has made my life better! My 18yo daughter loves it and it helps her a ton. And, as anyone who has a teenage girl knows, "when she's happy...everyone is happy."

    Sharon Emero
    Fast delivery

    Super fast delivery. Smells yummy. Have not tried yet, just not that time of month yet!! Love everything I’ve tried so far.

    Delene Coletti
    so good!

    Each time I have used this, my cramps have alleviated within just a few minutes. I also used it after a female surgery last month and it crushed my cramps enough that I didn't even have to take ibuprofen. I'm a believer for sure.

    Cathleen Christiansen

    Haven’t used it yet!

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